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  • The glasses you use every day can only see one point, right? It can be seen only near or far from a distance.
    #Varilux glasses, a French product, ranked No. 1 and recommended by eye care professionals worldwide.
    A mirror that sees all the focus points near, medium and far.
    A mirror that uses the latest technology to help solve your eye problems.

    📍​ Digital Focus Booster technology increases the viewing area up to 30% wider than regular Progressive lenses and is easy to adjust.

    📍​ Path Optimizer technology provides a clear, natural look at every design point, especially in the mirror to make it easy for the wearer to change focus.

    📍​ Flex Optim technology helps keep eyes clear, natural and comfortable throughout the day.

    📍​ WAVE 2.0 technology calculates the size of the eyeball and the amount of light to reduce the visible wavelength day and night.

    Binocular Booster technology analyzes the angle of both eyes to help the eye capture images quickly and smoothly when shifting focus at all distances.

    Synchroneyes technology adjusts the lens design to take into account the difference between the glory of the eye and the magnitude of the view.

    NanoOptix technology Precise and sophisticated calculations to change the structure of tiny spaces called NanoOptic on glass to eliminate image distortion and provide a perfect image that balances movement.

    Xtend technology enhances mid-range viewing capabilities by reducing head movement, providing clear images from all angles, even in a single focus.