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    EYE CARE Optic Services

    Today, we see that technology is very advanced, especially the use of digital devices such as computers, tablets, mobile phones, televisions, etc., which is a factor that has a significant impact on eye health. EYE CARE Optic always takes care of eye health by providing eye examination and cutting services according to the correct technical standards. The EYE CARE Optic offers some services such as: —

    • Free eye exam by a specialist and by computer
    • Free consultation on the phone or in person with an ophthalmologist
    • Cut your glasses in less than an hour for a large number of glasses.
    • Free repair and cleaning of glasses
    • If you are not satisfied, you can exchange other glasses within 48 hours.
    • There are glasses and plastic lenses in all kinds of parts.
    • Guarantee the authenticity of the products sold. If a product sold to a customer is found to be counterfeit, the company will pay double the product price.
    • Quality and price are the first concerns of EYE CARE Optic.