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  • Feeling we have ‘Run out of gas’ emotionally when our glasses are prone to dust and water droplets, especially when it comes to cleaning and scratching?

    💎With #CrizalSapphireHR glasses, a French product with high functionality and technology, you can do:
    💎Durable, non-abrasive glasses
    💎Plus Blue UV Capture technology protects against UV light and protects against blue light.
    💎Transparent glass, almost invisible
    💎Easy to clean
    💎Push dust and water droplets
    💎Reflective protection with the highest E-SPF 35
    #Crizal #SapphireHR is the best eyewear for eye protection, durable, clear and beautiful.

    Find #Crizal #SapphireHR lenses and discuss your findings now at your nearest eyewear store.