Contact Lens
  Soft Contact Lens are made of soft, flexible plastic that allows oxygen to pass through to the cornea. Soft contact lenses may be easier to adjust to and are more comfortable than rigid gas permeable lenses (hard contact lenses). Newer soft lens materials include silicone-hydrogels to provide more oxygen to your eye while you wear your lenses. We offer well known brands such as: Bausch & Lomb, Ciba Vision, and Johnsion and Jonhson .  

Type of Contact Len


Item Duration Product
Bio True and Soft Contact Lens 1 Day     
Jonhson & Johnson (Accuvue 2) 2 Weeks
Bausch & Lomb (Soft 59) and Ciba Vision (O2 Optic) 1 Month    
Ciba Vision(Fresh Look Color: many color to choose depending on your prescription) 3 Months